Monday, March 16, 2009

Totally unrelated to window treatments - Random Acts of Kindness

Despite the bad news we hear on a daily basis, stories about random acts of kindness are being shared. Recently, NBC Nightly News ran a series that highlighted stories about people helping others just because it was a nice thing to do. This is the kind of news we need to hear. A friend sent this story which I thought I would share.

If you take a moment to notice, opportunities to help others are all around you. Just yesterday, as I was visiting Boathouse Row in Philadelphia, a stranger asked to use my cell phone because she had lost her car key while running. I was surprised when she told me that she had already asked several people who would not help her. I suppose I'm grateful that they all said no. I got the opportunity to say yes and to be rewarded with that warm and fuzzy feeling that you get when you help someone else.
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